Kelsey Kaiser


Moving a lot as a child always brought the joys of a new environment, new people, and of course a new room in a new house. While all of the new was exciting there was always the comfort of the old furniture, unless that is if it did not actually fit in the new space.
Therefore, to ensure this piece always has a place within any future home flexibility was the main driver behind its design and development. When the legs are locked into position one, the piece acts as a bench and can be used at the foot of a bed. In position two, the piece sits at console table height and can be placed in the entry way or behind a couch. To store or ship the piece to its new home the legs can be removed and folded so it can be flat packed.
The two different colors of wood (the commercial pecan and white maple) are used to highlight the disparate parts of the piece, the box and the legs. While the subtle curve in the legs are tied to the box by repeating the curve in the handle of the of the drawers.