Kelsey Kaiser

Alpha and Omega

Alpha and Omega are two light fixtures designed to be used during a yoga sequence to assist the yogi’s energy flow. The solid base grounds the fixture mimicking the desire for strong, grounded yoga poses. The top of the fixture allows lines of light to be emitted, creating focal points the yogi can focus on during balancing poses. The two fixtures sit on the floor and can be viewed from several directions throughout the studio.
The design intent for these fixtures is to use color temperature to guide the yoga practice from the energized to the relaxed portions of the sequence. The Alpha fixture has a bulb with a higher color temperature, around 5000 K (closer to the color temperature of daylight) and the Omega fixture’s bulb is around 2700 K (closer to soft white light). The two light fixtures work in tandem. The Alpha fixture lights the space at the beginning of the yoga sequence and then dims as the Omega fixture brightens. Dimming a bulb can lower the color temperature of the source. Therefore, when the Alpha dims down and the Omega dims up, there will be a smooth transition from cool to warm light.
Exposure to the sun helps reinforce the natural circadian rhythms. The natural daylight spectrum favors blue wavelengths which suppress melatonin and increases the production of neural transmitters such as serotonin and dopamine. Yoga has been practiced for centuries to restore balance to the body’s natural rhythms. It has been proven to help improve circadian rhythm, anxiety and mood. Alpha and Omega are designed to help amplify the rhythm of the practice by beginning with a color temperature closest to daylight for the energized poses at the beginning of practice and transition through the time and space of practice to a warmer color temperature that has a calm and comforting effect.