Kelsey Kaiser

Feedback Loop

The Institute of New Building Technologies organizes a diverse set of programmatic elements within one architectural framework, while generating public feedback which assists the development of new building material research and production. As a catalyst for a public feedback loop this building integrates public space around the research and fabrication spaces, so members of the community can explore production and engage in learning. The public feedback then circulates through a more private set of spaces for evaluation, research and fabrication. New materials then would be set out for exploration and learning, at which point the feedback loop would begin again.
Situated in a future Austin context, new form-based land use codes are anticipated under CODE NEXT, transforming the E. 7th St. arterial from an environment dominated by one-level buildings and surface parking lots into a defined urban spine within 20 years. Buildings will reach up to 16 stories and the entrance will take on a more urban characteristic.
The Institute is comprised of distinct but interacting parts: Public Space, Learning, Research and Fabrication, Office, and Living. The Fabrication space is the heart of the compound and that which will entice the public to enter, explore, learn, and offer their feedback.