Kelsey Kaiser

Neighborhood Pool Entry

Located within the City of Austin are a style of neighborhood pools constructed by the Parks and Recreation Department (PARD). These public pools are 40 feet by 100 feet and are in need of sufficient amenities. The concept for this project developed from the goal of amplification and dampening of sound and light. As one moves through the entry and enters the pool area from north to south they immediately encounter the changing rooms that are directed towards the pool. They enter the locker rooms and remove their street clothes and dress in their swimsuits. As they perform this action they see a shade structure just above the top of the privacy screen. The structure is offset from the main volume to allow direct light into the changing room while also offering shade for the sunbathers enjoying the pool. Sound is also directed from the pool into the changing rooms by this shade structure. The direct light and sound are used to prepare the guest, exciting them for their entry into the pool and motivating them to quickly change. Once the bather is done with their pool experience they move to the other side of the building to enter the showers. Showers are a private experience and therefore directed away from the pool to discourage onlookers from the pool. They also face north so no direct light is allowed in offering a darker, more sensual experience. Once the guest is done showering they move towards the changing rooms on the other side, dry off in the sun and hear the sounds and reminisce about their experience at the pool.