Kelsey Kaiser

Olympic Diving Center

A competitive athlete’s typical day revolves around their sport. Everything they think, say, eat, and do builds up to that instant when they step onto the field, court, or pool, whether it is for a normal practice or that paramount competition. This intense focus on a singular goal affects their perception of daily life, provoking their everyday tasks to become a rhythmic backdrop for that special, all-encompassing moment.
Taking the minimum wall distances from the plunge points of the various board heights and converting the typical corners from square to round one produces the pool’s form. The figure of the pool is then radiated outwards to affect the building’s form. The building itself is inspired by the contrasting personality types of athletes, the introvert and the extrovert, and formed by the employment of three components – the solid wall, the screen, and the glazing. The solid wall faces the street ensuring that the building is closed off from the general public and allowing views in only at the entry, which is then diminished by the screen, and into the pool. The interior of the building is clad in glazing and a screen diminishes any direct view towards the pool from the apartments but allows the inhabitants to be aware of the movements taking place in the pool.